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5 best grow tents 2019

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The best grow tent is not only strong and sturdy but also comes with features like excellent reflective interiors, spill trays, grow light mounts etc. It is not an easy task for anyone to pick the best grow tent from the market, to make things easier, here is a list of 5 best grow tents available today.

  1. VIVOSUN 2-in-1 48”x36”x72” Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System
  • Comes in a multi chamber design
  • One side with 2 tiers and other side for large plants
  • Space saving design
  • Designed to produce maximum yield
  • 600 D thick canvas used to make the product
  • Double stitched for maximum durability
  • Strong metal frames for rigidness
  • Easy to assemble construction and design
  • 98% reflective mylar interior that enhances grow light effectiveness and boost plant growth
  1. Hydroplanet 48x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing (48x48x80)
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Heavy duty tubes on the top for grow light mounting
  • Highly reflective mylar interior
  • Tear proof material
  • 2 years warranty on the entire product
  • Washable grow tent
  • The overall dimension of this grow tent is 48×48*80 inches
  • Designed to control maximum light and heat within the tent
  1. Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing
  • Comes with an overall dimension of 36x36x72 inches
  • 100% reflective mylar interior
  • Heavy duty zippers incorporated
  • Durable material built
  • 100% light proof
  • Designed to prevent odor and pest
  • Best useful for both interior and exterior use
  • 90 day warranty on the product
  • Easy to assemble
  • Double stitching for maximum efficiency
  • Metal frames for maximum strength
  1. TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized 24″x24″x48″ Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Mylar Hydroponic Growing Plant w/ Plastic Corner (24″X24″x48″)
  • Heavy duty 600 D oxford cloth built
  • Has an overall dimension of 24x24x48 inches
  • Comes incorporated with mesh ventilation and vents (rectangular)
  • 16 mm rust proof metal frames painted white color for enhanced protection
  • 96% reflective interior
  • Comes with extra features like a removable floor tray, nylon belts etc
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Multiple vents for fans
  • Filter output vents
  1. CoolGrows Grow Tent, 48″x24″x60″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Gardening
  • Light proof design
  • 95% reflective interiors
  • PVC free grow tent
  • Made using 600 D canvas
  • Metal poles as frame for high durability
  • Best recommended for both interior and exterior use
  • Heavy duty zippers and reinforced frames
  • Double stitching to make the product tear proof
  • 1 year warranty on the entire product
  • Mesh window for easy access
  • Overall dimension of the product 48x24x60 inches


If you are looking for the best grow tent reviews available on the market, then the products listed above would satisfy you, consider purchasing it and you will not regret .

Benefits of installing the Pull out Kitchen Faucets

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Pull Out Kitchen faucets are extremely beneficial faucets that are several times more useful and beautiful than the traditional kitchen faucets. However, most of us are not aware of several benefits of using the pullout kitchen faucet and use them only because they look extremely beautiful and are reliable than the traditional kitchen faucet. But there are several more benefits that make it more than just a beautiful purchase. And if you are looking for a faucet that is not only beautiful but also provides a useful set of features then you should look for the pull out kitchen faucet reviews for your home.

As said, there are numerous benefits of installing the pullout kitchen faucets in the kitchen, some of the most prominent ones that you must consider before planning to buy them for your kitchen are listed as follows.

Enhances the utility of the sink and nearby space

The best thing about the pullout kitchen faucets is that they enhance the usability of the workspace in the kitchen by many folds. IF you have a smaller kitchen platform and sink the then pullout kitchen faucets let you use the hose to clear up the larger area around the sink and nearby space. You can use the hose to clean up the veggies, use it as a water spray gun to clean up the mess around the sink, and there are many other ways that these useful kitchen faucets can help you to enhance your work area in the kitchen.

Looks extremely beautiful

Apart from providing the useful features, the pull out kitchen faucets also provide the kitchen a beautiful and modern look, and if you are looking forward to provide your kitchen a beautiful and elegant look, then instead of investing money on other things, try installing the pull out kitchen faucets in your kitchen. This is the cheapest and the most reliable way to enhance the overall look of the kitchen and you should try it to make the kitchen a better place to work in.

Provides the user a better range to work

As the Pull out kitchen faucets have a hose attached with them, you can easily increase the work area while dealing with them. By using the pull out kitchen faucet, you can not only use them as the normal faucets but also pull out the hose to work around the sink and nearby places. This makes it a perfect kind of faucets for the kitchen having a smaller work area, and sink. So, if you also have any of these, try installing the pull out kitchen faucets and provide your kitchen a complete makeover.

Along with these, there are several more benefits that you can only know about when you actually purchase the pull out kitchen faucets for your home. So, instead of looking for the normal faucets, try buying the perfect pullout kitchen faucets for your kitchen that will not only make your kitchen more beautiful but will also help it to become the more manageable place to work at.

Changing Trend of Black Friday Shopping in the US and its Future

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Over the years, Black Friday has always been considered one of the most important single shopping day in the US. However, the event usually continues for four days, starting with Thanksgiving Day and ending with Cyber Monday. Recent records about the sales pattern of US retailers show a gradual increase in spending since the recession. Records also show that people have become more inclined to online shopping on Black Friday since the last few years, the most significant being 2016, when more than half of the buyers purchased goods and commodities online.

This indicates that the shopping pattern of the users is fast changing and due to number advantages, people have become more inclined to online shopping. This however does not mean that offline retail stores have lost its significance. Spending at retail stores is still significantly higher than that online but it has to be taken into consideration that the ways people shop are changing and the offline retailers should understand this fact to improve sales in the future.

How Customers Find the Latest Deals These Days

Advertising circulars on news papers, posters on walls and hoardings are still the most significant mediums by which people find the latest deals. However due to the growing trend of people shopping online, it would be wise for the offline retailers to take their advertising campaign online to catch the eye of the customers more. Reports show that around 35% of consumers learned about the latest deals from direct email advertising campaigns, while 50% of the people found out about the latest deals through online searches and retailer websites.

Longer Sale Period Means Lower Sales per Day

Black Friday is known for its staggering sales, all thanks to the massive discount offers and other benefits to the consumers. But things have changed now since the last few years as the duration of the Black Friday sale offers have been extended. Also most of the online retailers provide value for money deals for nearly the entire year, leading to lower sales in offline stores during the Black Friday weekend. Also to avoid the long ques and waiting time on the streets, people have started to prefer online shopping more these days.

The Future of Black Friday Shopping in the US

Online sales will continue to grow in the future and it may start to rule the roost in the new few years. However, a unique shopping experience with great deals and offering spread over the entire year instead of just Black Friday will surely help the offline retailers to continue with their businesses.

These Devices will Get iOS 12 Beta, But How?

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After the mammoth success of iOS 11 (despite the stage scene occurred at the unveiling event last year), fans and tech gurus are looking forward to getting the next version of this series, dubbed the iOS 12. While it is true that every year Apple unveils its OS with the beta version at the WWDC event, it is apparent that this year too the WWDC event will come up with iOS 12 beta. Here’s how you can proceed with the same, but once it is unveiled.

How to Use iOS 12 Beta?

  • Step 1: First, you will have to remember to make a backup of iPhone’s or iPad’s (your device’s) data using the iCloud to prevent the loss of the Internet.
  • Step 2: If you have never downloaded any beta versions ahead of this, create an account on Apple Beta Software Program. Find it out via a trusted source.
  • Step 3: Sign in or log in by using your Apple ID and password that you have got. Click on the option: ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions’.

Which Devices will be Compatible for iOS 12 Beta?

These are the mentioned devices, if you own any of the below-provided device, make sure to update your device with iOS 12 beta once it is out for downloading.

List of iPhones that are compatible to download iOS 13 beta but once it has been introduced by the developers.

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE

List of iPads that are compatible to download iOS 13 beta but once it has been introduced by the developers.

  • 7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad (fifth-generation)
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 4
  • 9-inch iPad Pro (second-generation)
  • iPad mini 3
  • 9-inch iPad Pro (first-generation)
  • 5-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 2

Wrap up

Just like upcoming smartphones as well as tablets, Apple launches a new iteration of their smartphone operating system, every year.  The current OS, iOS 11 is hugely popular amongst users mostly because of the unique features and UI simplicity that Apple has provided.  And it wouldn’t be justified if we don’t mention the immensely popular Siri in the latest Apple OS. So this year’s iOS 12 is expected to be a massive success. More news on iOS 12 beta will emerge in the coming days.

5 best wiper blades 2018

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Purchasing a windshield wiper blade is one of the most important tasks, purchase and fit a wrong wiper blade and you could end up in an accident. However, we can all agree on the fact that wiper blade comes pre-installed on the car every time but, these blades age and lose their efficiency with time and long use. In such cases, it is very important to purchase the best wiper blade for replacing the existing one. Here is the list of 5 best wiper blades available on the market right now.

  1. Bosch 26A ICON

The Bosch 26A ICON is one of the best windshield wiper blades available on the market right now. This wiper blade has proven to have a lifespan 40% longer than other wiper blades. The blade has a hook-style adapter that allows an easy fitting of the blade with the car wiper mechanism.


  • Simplest design
  • Longer life span


  • Some customers reviewed the product as producing a squeaking sound.
  1. Rain-X Latitude

The Rain-X Latitude windscreen wiper blade is one of the best wiper blades available on the market right now. This wiper blade has graphite coat rubber blade that can smoothly wipe your windscreen to 100% clean surface. The synthetic rubber is resistant to extreme weather condition and lasts longer than other blades.


  • Available in every size
  • High-quality frame


  • Mounting is somewhat difficult
  1. ANCO 31 series

The ANCO 31 series windshield wiper blade is one of the best wiper blades available on the market right now. This wiper blade comes in different sizes and the blades are made of DuraKlear Rubber that enhances the performance and lifespan of the blade.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Affordable price


  • Some customers reviewed the product as frame comparatively less strong
  1. Valeo 900 series

The Valeo 900 series windshield wiper blades are one of the best wiper blades available on the market right now. This wiper blade has the maximum surface touching the windshield which in turn increasing the efficiency and quantity of content wiped off the windshield. The manufacturer has added a Tec3 advanced rubber technology that increases the blade lifespan.


  • Easy to install
  • Aluminium coated frames


  • if installed carelessly the wiper blade will pull water back to your windshield
  1. Valeo 600 series

The Valeo 600 series windshield wiper blade is one of the best wiper blades available on the market right now. This wiper blade comes with a U-clip that makes this device easy to mount. The Tec3 advanced rubber used in this blade gives longer lifespan and enhanced performance.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Available in different sizes


  • Slightly flimsier than other wiper blades

All the details mentioned above were collected from various websites and The ranking was done only on the basis of customer reviews and product description as declared by the manufacturer. However, while purchasing a windscreen wiper blade be careful enough to check the specification.

Hope this article helped you

Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: What The Fans Can Expect

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The survival horror series, Resident Evil, was initially created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara. Developers Capcom has presented the game such that the gaming universe can go gaga with the launch of every new installment. Predictably, that’s what happened with every release. While retailing everything that is loved about the series, Capcom crafted a soft reboot by taking inspiration from those iconic horror cinemas as well as games. With the inclusion of the 1996 formula, RE 7 was greatly praised on numerous counts. That being said, where can the series go next? While the closure of Resident Evil 7 teased the return of Chris Redfield and The Umbrella Corporation via some DLCs, we expect Resident Evil 8 to debut home. Here’s the Resident Evil 8 Wishlist which one may expect.

Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: Few Essentials to Come with this Installment

While at this point it would be unnatural to blur out anything extraordinary about Resident Evil 8, there are few criteria which may complete the game with flying colors. Here’s what you need to check.

  • Resi Evil 7 relies on Ethan’s solitary narrative, a man who is stuck at inside a nightmarish mansion alongside some interesting inhabitants. With the developer’s clear words, we have received that the game will not have a multiplayer mode to give the impact of the best horrific player experience. The top most in our list of Resident Evil 8 wishlist are, therefore, to bring in the multiplayer mode with the game.
  • Virtual reality, one of the in-things, has specifically highlighted the gaming universe as well. Now that Resident Evil 7 is already hitting the gaming universe with the Virtual Reality support for PS4 owners, we could have something far smoother with the arrival of Resident Evil 8, concerning the advancement of VR tech.
  • Resident Evil 7 was undoubtedly a great edition as it was the homage to the early days of the franchise. There were notable elements, that being said, we have its title which had a direct impact to be the throwback of the original game. Overall, one may agree that Resident Evil is an excellent combination of nostalgia and a versatile storyline. We expect developers to bring back some nostalgic places from the 1996 title, say for Raccoon City?

Wrap Up

As of now, we are far behind the release of Resident Evil 8. Now that we have given you some of the Resident Evil 8 wishlist features, you may share your opinions with us via the comment section below.

Release date of Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3 Release: Why it is Being So Late?

One of the craziest shows of Marvel comics, Daredevil took our hearts away the moment it appeared in Netflix. Past two seasons were extraordinary and became a grand success. The time pattern it followed made it obvious the show will come back with the third season. But as per the record goes it should have the first season appeared on April 2015, and the second season came in March 2016. So the third season was more obvious to come back in that time zone as per the previous. But as we can see, it did not come at the time. Daredevil Season 3 Release is thus the most prominent discussion nowadays, and fans are waiting eagerly for the date to be announced officially.

Daredevil Season 3 seems not to happen until after The Defenders. So it will certainly be 2018 before we get them. If we go with the sequence of Netflix, then the next arrival is Defenders, which is due on August 18, and The Punisher is in post-production. We expect we will see that before the end of the year, too. Jessica Jones Season 2 is now filming in NYC which makes that the most likely candidate for the traditional March or early Spring, in Netflix. Luke Cage Season 2 will start filming in June. So there is hardly any possibility for Daredevil Season 3 this year.

Release date of Daredevil 3

Daredevil Season 3 release date

When Daredevil Season 3 is Coming?

If the news to be trusted, then Daredevil Season 3 may go on the floor in late October. This makes perfect sense. As it is right the time when The Defenders started off filming last year. With a late October start date, we can expect Daredevil Season 3 will arrive in Summer of 2018.

This time the plot will be more crucial, and Matt is going to have a much harder time in trying to keep his identity secret since he disappeared at the same time as Daredevil. Electra’s coming back can be a new twist for the plot, and the appearance of a new villain (Bullseye most probably) can add to the plot. After the “Kingpin” Fisk and the Punisher, Bullseye can be a real refreshment for the fans.

So there is no other way for the fans but to wait more than almost six months to get the third season and to look for the Daredevil Season 3 release date to be announced officially.

Most Recent NBA 2K18 News Hints at Better Graphics in the Game

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We are into the second half of the year 2017, and the gamers are eagerly waiting for the official launch of a number of games from different genres. Among the titles which are expected to come out, we have the NBA 2K18. And in the last few days, we have come across a number of NBA 2K18 news which has hinted at a much better gameplay.

The most recent news of NBA 2K18 which has hit the headlines has revealed a number of screenshots about the game. And those screenshots have given a clear idea of how things are going to shape up when the game gets released on September 19 this year.

The three screenshots which have come up shows us how three players of the game are going to look like in the game. And the experts are of the opinion that there is a clear indication of a better graphics in the game. The jerseys can be clearly visualized, and the physical attributes of the playable characters can also be seen clearly. So a much-needed change in the graphics can be observed clearly.

News of NBA 2k18

NBA 2k18 News

Along with that, the NBA 2K18 news which has come to the fore related to the screenshots of the game has revealed that the sponsors of the jersey, Nike will also find their name in all the jerseys of the participating teams. In real life as well, Nike’s name can be seen in the jersey of the teams. So that makes the game much more realistic. In fact, the sponsors’ names can be visible as well. In the three screenshots that we have come across, we have seen Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, and DeMar DeRozan. And the sponsors’ names of their respective teams have been spotted as well.

Alongside these latest NBA 2K18 news and updates we have come across a number of other things as well. And on that list, we have the player ratings as well. We have received the player ratings of eight individuals up to now. Further details about the player ratings are certainly going to be revealed in the coming days. However, what has been revealed till now has not made the players happy at all.

You may read: FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer Shows New Crossing Abilities of the Players

Wrap Up

In the coming days, we can expect further NBA 2K18 news to come up. And that will give us a much clearer idea of how the game is going to shape up. If you want to get all these updates at the earliest all you need to do is just tune in to this thread. We promise to bring you everything that is happening surrounding the game NBA 2K18.

gameplay of Fifa 18

FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer Shows New Crossing Abilities of the Players

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Football simulation games have ruled the world of video games for a long time. And it seems that the trend is not going to change much in the near future as well. And in that genre, a number of titles have been launched by different publishers, but very few have managed to match the popularity of the games in the FIFA franchise developed by EA Sports. The latest FIFA 18 gameplay trailer which has come out recently makes sure that things are going to get even better when the game comes out later on.

It has been quite a long time since FIFA 17 came out. Naturally, there have been a number of complaints which we have come across. The complaints have been mostly against the complicated corner system as well as the inability to float in appropriate centers from the wing. And expectations were there that the developers would bring in new features in the gameplay of FIFA 18 which will see that getting improved.

Now the latest gameplay trailer which has come out will certainly make the fans excited. This is because in the short video of forty-six seconds EA Sports has revealed that the gamers will be able to float in different types of crosses depending on the situation. The gamer can send in as many as five different types of crosses as the position of the player demands. One can send in a searching cross to the far post, while one can also send in a lobbing pass so that the target man can manage to arrive at the spot on time.

Often there have been occasions when you need to send in a powerful ball to the center from the flanks. But in the previous editions of the game, the gamers could not do that. However, if we go by the latest FIFA 18 gameplay trailer gamers will now be able to send in a cross with pace and power. Certainly, it is going to get really exciting for the gamers when FIFA 18 gets launched.

Wrap Up

There are not many days left to go before we can come across the game because September 29 is its official release date. But before that (it is a certainty), we will come across some more updates regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay trailer. In fact, not just the gameplay, it can be predicted that we will have updates on the other aspects of the game as well. So you need to keep your eyes on this section to get all the latest updates which come out regarding FIFA 18. you can find all the infomation about fifa 20 here

Top 5 Best Camera Drones Worth Your Money!

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Drones are making headlines today for being one of the most sophisticated flying machines that can help you capture special moments and professional events like none other. Whether you are a hobbyists looking for a camera drone to satisfy your desire to shoot aerial photographs and videos or a serious film maker seeking high end UAVs, there are several types of camera drones available in the market. In this article we have listed the top 5 best camera drones in India.

#5 Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

The X-Star Premium drones by Autel Robotics are gaining popularity for their top-notch features and robust build. They come equipped with 4K ready camera that can be easily mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. It features a Starpoint Positioning System and SecureFly magnetic interference protection system that enable the drone to provide high quality aerial photography

#4. Yuneec Typhoon H

If you must have a camera drone that features a collision avoidance system, but is affordable too then Yuneec Typhoon H fits the bill perfectly. The drone comes with a 4K stabilized camera, a 7-inch powered by Android powered touchscreen and intuitive controls. The 8 smart flight modes and GPS navigation enable you to take high quality photographs and videos.

#3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This was the first ever camera drone that features the obstacle avoidance system. It is a great flying machine for those wanting an autonomous experience. The advanced features include ActiveTrack tracking system, intuitive flight system and an amazing flight range technology. When fully charged, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro gives 28 minutes of flight time.

#2. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot’s range of drones is popular for their amazing design and top notch features. The Bebop 2 is among the second generation of the lineup offered by the brand. The camera drone is lightweight and sleek and it comes equipped with a high definition camera featuring 14mpx sensor. The camera can be easily mounted on an inbuilt 3-axis gimbal stabilizator. This helps in delivering high quality stable photos and videos. It also comes with a 2700mAh battery that can last for nearly 25 minutes.

#1. DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro boasts an unbeatable quality and it is by far the best quality camera drone available in the market. The easily foldable propellers, miniature size and powerful hardware ensure that you can carry the drone anywhere with you. It is so lightweight and small when folded that you can conveniently carry the drone in your pocket. It also lasts for really long. While its competitors fizzle out after 15 to 20 minutes of flight time, the DJI Mavic Pro lasts for as long as 30 minutes when fully charged.

Although flying these unmanned aerial vehicles are a lot of fun, we strongly advise you to not fly them at public places like parks as it is against the law. You should also not fly the drones close to the airport. To be safe, take the best camera drone to a place that is far away from people and fly as much you want!