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Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: What The Fans Can Expect

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The survival horror series, Resident Evil, was initially created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara. Developers Capcom has presented the game such that the gaming universe can go gaga with the launch of every new installment. Predictably, that’s what happened with every release. While retailing everything that is loved about the series, Capcom crafted a soft reboot by taking inspiration from those iconic horror cinemas as well as games. With the inclusion of the 1996 formula, RE 7 was greatly praised on numerous counts. That being said, where can the series go next? While the closure of Resident Evil 7 teased the return of Chris Redfield and The Umbrella Corporation via some DLCs, we expect Resident Evil 8 to debut home. Here’s the Resident Evil 8 Wishlist which one may expect.

Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 wishlists

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: Few Essentials to Come with this Installment

While at this point it would be unnatural to blur out anything extraordinary about Resident Evil 8, there are few criteria which may complete the game with flying colors. Here’s what you need to check.

  • Resi Evil 7 relies on Ethan’s solitary narrative, a man who is stuck at inside a nightmarish mansion alongside some interesting inhabitants. With the developer’s clear words, we have received that the game will not have a multiplayer mode to give the impact of the best horrific player experience. The top most in our list of Resident Evil 8 wishlist are, therefore, to bring in the multiplayer mode with the game.
  • Virtual reality, one of the in-things, has specifically highlighted the gaming universe as well. Now that Resident Evil 7 is already hitting the gaming universe with the Virtual Reality support for PS4 owners, we could have something far smoother with the arrival of Resident Evil 8, concerning the advancement of VR tech.
  • Resident Evil 7 was undoubtedly a great edition as it was the homage to the early days of the franchise. There were notable elements, that being said, we have its title which had a direct impact to be the throwback of the original game. Overall, one may agree that Resident Evil is an excellent combination of nostalgia and a versatile storyline. We expect developers to bring back some nostalgic places from the 1996 title, say for Raccoon City?

Wrap Up

As of now, we are far behind the release of Resident Evil 8. Now that we have given you some of the Resident Evil 8 wishlist features, you may share your opinions with us via the comment section below.

Release date of Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3 Release: Why it is Being So Late?

One of the craziest shows of Marvel comics, Daredevil took our hearts away the moment it appeared in Netflix. Past two seasons were extraordinary and became a grand success. The time pattern it followed made it obvious the show will come back with the third season. But as per the record goes it should have the first season appeared on April 2015, and the second season came in March 2016. So the third season was more obvious to come back in that time zone as per the previous. But as we can see, it did not come at the time. Daredevil Season 3 Release is thus the most prominent discussion nowadays, and fans are waiting eagerly for the date to be announced officially.

Daredevil Season 3 seems not to happen until after The Defenders. So it will certainly be 2018 before we get them. If we go with the sequence of Netflix, then the next arrival is Defenders, which is due on August 18, and The Punisher is in post-production. We expect we will see that before the end of the year, too. Jessica Jones Season 2 is now filming in NYC which makes that the most likely candidate for the traditional March or early Spring, in Netflix. Luke Cage Season 2 will start filming in June. So there is hardly any possibility for Daredevil Season 3 this year.

Release date of Daredevil 3

Daredevil Season 3 release date

When Daredevil Season 3 is Coming?

If the news to be trusted, then Daredevil Season 3 may go on the floor in late October. This makes perfect sense. As it is right the time when The Defenders started off filming last year. With a late October start date, we can expect Daredevil Season 3 will arrive in Summer of 2018.

This time the plot will be more crucial, and Matt is going to have a much harder time in trying to keep his identity secret since he disappeared at the same time as Daredevil. Electra’s coming back can be a new twist for the plot, and the appearance of a new villain (Bullseye most probably) can add to the plot. After the “Kingpin” Fisk and the Punisher, Bullseye can be a real refreshment for the fans.

So there is no other way for the fans but to wait more than almost six months to get the third season and to look for the Daredevil Season 3 release date to be announced officially.


Most Recent NBA 2K18 News Hints at Better Graphics in the Game

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We are into the second half of the year 2017, and the gamers are eagerly waiting for the official launch of a number of games from different genres. Among the titles which are expected to come out, we have the NBA 2K18. And in the last few days, we have come across a number of NBA 2K18 news which has hinted at a much better gameplay.

The most recent news of NBA 2K18 which has hit the headlines has revealed a number of screenshots about the game. And those screenshots have given a clear idea of how things are going to shape up when the game gets released on September 19 this year.

The three screenshots which have come up shows us how three players of the game are going to look like in the game. And the experts are of the opinion that there is a clear indication of a better graphics in the game. The jerseys can be clearly visualized, and the physical attributes of the playable characters can also be seen clearly. So a much-needed change in the graphics can be observed clearly.

News of NBA 2k18

NBA 2k18 News

Along with that, the NBA 2K18 news which has come to the fore related to the screenshots of the game has revealed that the sponsors of the jersey, Nike will also find their name in all the jerseys of the participating teams. In real life as well, Nike’s name can be seen in the jersey of the teams. So that makes the game much more realistic. In fact, the sponsors’ names can be visible as well. In the three screenshots that we have come across, we have seen Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, and DeMar DeRozan. And the sponsors’ names of their respective teams have been spotted as well.

Alongside these latest NBA 2K18 news and updates we have come across a number of other things as well. And on that list, we have the player ratings as well. We have received the player ratings of eight individuals up to now. Further details about the player ratings are certainly going to be revealed in the coming days. However, what has been revealed till now has not made the players happy at all.

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Wrap Up

In the coming days, we can expect further NBA 2K18 news to come up. And that will give us a much clearer idea of how the game is going to shape up. If you want to get all these updates at the earliest all you need to do is just tune in to this thread. We promise to bring you everything that is happening surrounding the game NBA 2K18.

gameplay of Fifa 18

FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer Shows New Crossing Abilities of the Players

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Football simulation games have ruled the world of video games for a long time. And it seems that the trend is not going to change much in the near future as well. And in that genre, a number of titles have been launched by different publishers, but very few have managed to match the popularity of the games in the FIFA franchise developed by EA Sports. The latest FIFA 18 gameplay trailer which has come out recently makes sure that things are going to get even better when the game comes out later on.

It has been quite a long time since FIFA 17 came out. Naturally, there have been a number of complaints which we have come across. The complaints have been mostly against the complicated corner system as well as the inability to float in appropriate centers from the wing. And expectations were there that the developers would bring in new features in the gameplay of FIFA 18( which will see that getting improved.

Now the latest gameplay trailer which has come out will certainly make the fans excited. This is because in the short video of forty-six seconds EA Sports has revealed that the gamers will be able to float in different types of crosses depending on the situation. The gamer can send in as many as five different types of crosses as the position of the player demands. One can send in a searching cross to the far post, while one can also send in a lobbing pass so that the target man can manage to arrive at the spot on time.

Often there have been occasions when you need to send in a powerful ball to the center from the flanks. But in the previous editions of the game, the gamers could not do that. However, if we go by the latest FIFA 18 gameplay trailer gamers will now be able to send in a cross with pace and power. Certainly, it is going to get really exciting for the gamers when FIFA 18 gets launched.

Wrap Up

There are not many days left to go before we can come across the game because September 29 is its official release date. But before that (it is a certainty), we will come across some more updates regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay trailer. In fact, not just the gameplay, it can be predicted that we will have updates on the other aspects of the game as well. So you need to keep your eyes on this section to get all the latest updates which come out regarding FIFA 18.

Top 5 Best Camera Drones Worth Your Money!

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Drones are making headlines today for being one of the most sophisticated flying machines that can help you capture special moments and professional events like none other. Whether you are a hobbyists looking for a camera drone to satisfy your desire to shoot aerial photographs and videos or a serious film maker seeking high end UAVs, there are several types of camera drones available in the market. In this article we have listed the top 5 best camera drones in India.

#5 Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

The X-Star Premium drones by Autel Robotics are gaining popularity for their top-notch features and robust build. They come equipped with 4K ready camera that can be easily mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. It features a Starpoint Positioning System and SecureFly magnetic interference protection system that enable the drone to provide high quality aerial photography

#4. Yuneec Typhoon H

If you must have a camera drone that features a collision avoidance system, but is affordable too then Yuneec Typhoon H fits the bill perfectly. The drone comes with a 4K stabilized camera, a 7-inch powered by Android powered touchscreen and intuitive controls. The 8 smart flight modes and GPS navigation enable you to take high quality photographs and videos.

#3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This was the first ever camera drone that features the obstacle avoidance system. It is a great flying machine for those wanting an autonomous experience. The advanced features include ActiveTrack tracking system, intuitive flight system and an amazing flight range technology. When fully charged, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro gives 28 minutes of flight time.

#2. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot’s range of drones is popular for their amazing design and top notch features. The Bebop 2 is among the second generation of the lineup offered by the brand. The camera drone is lightweight and sleek and it comes equipped with a high definition camera featuring 14mpx sensor. The camera can be easily mounted on an inbuilt 3-axis gimbal stabilizator. This helps in delivering high quality stable photos and videos. It also comes with a 2700mAh battery that can last for nearly 25 minutes.

#1. DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro boasts an unbeatable quality and it is by far the best quality camera drone available in the market. The easily foldable propellers, miniature size and powerful hardware ensure that you can carry the drone anywhere with you. It is so lightweight and small when folded that you can conveniently carry the drone in your pocket. It also lasts for really long. While its competitors fizzle out after 15 to 20 minutes of flight time, the DJI Mavic Pro lasts for as long as 30 minutes when fully charged.

Although flying these unmanned aerial vehicles are a lot of fun, we strongly advise you to not fly them at public places like parks as it is against the law. You should also not fly the drones close to the airport. To be safe, take the best camera drone to a place that is far away from people and fly as much you want!

Freedom app features

No Need of In-App Purchases if You Get the Freedom App

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In this era of mobile phones and all the other premium devices, we cannot mull of living without those great gadgets today. And talking about cell phones, we actually get to do innumerable things with our Smartphones, and some of the activities actually help us in getting refreshed to a great extent. And one of those activities is playing several games on mobile phones which definitely are a great and awesome option of getting out of the boredom; it’s an addiction also.

But sometimes playing something on your respected mobile phone might be a little annoying and that only happens because of the irritating advertisements which keep popping or emerging. Suppose you are at an intense level where you are playing the game with utmost concentration, but it totally breaks when some ad suddenly and out of actually nowhere comes on the way. Your concentration is totally destroyed as you remain perplexed and try to get the ad away from the screen but at the end while tapping on the cross which is displayed on the advertisement, by mistake you actually end up tapping on the advertisement instead. So it redirects you to the ad, and then again you try it from the scratch to get back to your game.

You might even start playing it again, but the concentration which was applied earlier does not actually remain the same anymore. But people who already have the Freedom application of their Smartphones do not need to panic because of such woes at all. It has not been many years for the application which is named as Freedom to get developed, but within the span, it has gained acknowledgment and has got reviewed well by the users. It helps in discarding all the annoying and excess advertisements which emerge while someone plays something on the mobile phone.

Freedom app features

However, you all should be aware in in-app purchases also if you play games on your Smartphones. These generally mean that when someone heads to a certain level of a particular game or even trying to cross the level gets interrupted with a pop-up which would ask them to buy some coins which would help them to remain stable in the game. And if the character in the particular game is about to die as it runs out of a lot of energy, then also that pop up comes on one’s way and may ask to purchase the energy boosters. And for that, the player will obviously have to pay from their very own pocket which obviously half of the people won’t end up doing.

But the Freedom application will remove the need of in-app purchasing and is said to help those users to get those coins and energy boosters just for free. So, no money would be actually required to pay to buy the coins or energy boosters to reach the next level in the particular game.

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And if you actually haven’t installed Freedom then you definitely should not waste a minute so go ahead and download Freedom right away.


best men's watches under $200

Mandatory Things To Consider Before Buying a Budget Watch Under $200

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Are you looking for the best watch under $200? Well, we presume you are because that’s what dragged you to our article and right now reading it. So without wasting any time in introducing about the matter, let us just straight go meet the depth. For the watch lovers, it’s definitely important to survey before going for a purchase of budget watch under $200. And that’s what we are going to do right here in this write-up. Read more and know what you need to consider before buying a watch under $200.

Consider the things before buying the best men’s watch under $200

When watches are considered, it’s an integral part of one’s personality. And how can we not remember those leather bands which are one of the trendiest things irrespective of the era? Leather bands have always been all-time-favorites for watch freaks. And talking about it, it’s the finest with the dial set placement throughout the day on your wrist. If you are more into the leather band watches, then you must be owning all colors including brown, black, tan as well as blue.

But users, apart from leather bands, we do have an option of stainless steel band watches which are more comfortable for a numerous number of watch lovers. Actually, both leather and stainless steel bands have the specific queue of customers. The ones who desire leather bands more do have a soft corner for it, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable which straps tightly around wrists. On the other hand, the stainless steel band lovers will always prefer it over any other band that includes the leather too. Apart from that, the metal bracelet watches can easily be removed. However, both of them make a good wear, as both have a huge queue of users.

best men's watches under $200

Chronograph watches are perhaps those underutilized and misunderstood complications, and therefore before buying a cheap watch under $200, you need to think twice. Studies show that majority don’t understand its usage, cannot operate it or just never use it. In comparison to the base models, chronograph watches play a fundamental role in increasing the price of the timepiece. One of the most frequently used watches, the chronograph watches offers dials with a clean face.

Are you a swimmer by profession? Consider just one thing before buying a watch. Almost all watches under $200 come with a water resistivity of 100 meters. By this, you will witness your watch to be guarded against splashes of water, snorkeling or even shallow swimming. But if you are into scuba diving, then we are unsure, but you can definitely go for the higher price-tagged ones!

The Final Words…

From time to time, watches have been the mostly worn accessory. From pendulum clocks, to a pocket watch to a timepiece around the wrist, the style, and sensation of wearing a watch has changed a lot; yet a handful amount of folks still give priority to the vintage technology by owning a pocket timepiece. Anyway, we hope our article was good enough in giving you an abrupt hint of what you need to consider before buying the best men’s watches under $200. Remember one thing buying a good watch is directly proportional to the effort you put in!


Apple iOS 11 Release Date

iOS 11: WWDC to launch the upcoming iOS in this year?

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Technology has always been on top of every serious discussion. With the evolution of gadgets and operating systems, manpower wins! Right from the beginning when iOS was launched, it has sufficed in satisfying the users’ needs. Perhaps, Apple is that one brand which cares to understand the needs of its age-old users. Apple is recently under the development of its iOS11 version in its headquarter situated in Cupertino. With each passing second, we are now stepping closer to that big event when Apple will launch its iOS 11 at the WWDC even next month, i.e. June 2017.

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While no official features have been given to us, but there remain hope and hope! Yes, we are now talking about several wishlist features that the fans of Apple have in their mind to witness Apple iOS with their desired features. Wishlists somewhere make us all the more excited. So if you are an Apple fan then here’s exactly what you need now. Read on to get more information on the rumored features of Apple iOS 11:

According to rumors, we get the information that Apple is on its way in planning for implementing capacity of the upcoming iOS11 for FaceTime group capabilities by bringing the video service with that of Skype.

From an Israeli site, the rumor comes up like smoke that Apple is on the way in Siri update. According to the rumors, it would introduce capabilities of contextual learning as well as integrate deeply when it comes to iCloud or iMessage.

With better showcases video, the new edition will be included in the iOS 11, as per Jimmy Iovine, the head of Apple Music. This new edition will come up with ‘better showcases video’ for iOS 11 version. Apple Music will offer users some original content such as ‘Carpool Karaoke: The series.’

From the wishlist features, we include another important point here. Design changes can also occur when it comes to iOS 11. But this is just a speculation of fans, but not to forget a fan makes a brand name! So we cannot completely deny a fan’s wishlist, isn’t it?

Serious Apple fans have already gone through iOS 10 version where specifically iPad updates didn’t focus much. In this upcoming version of Apple, introduction to iPad updates will probably be included. Also, note the fact that Apple is recently working for iPad Pro on the Apple Pencil Support to be expanded. This will combine improvements in the hardware including panning, scrolling as well as smoothening of screen zooming abilities.

iOS 11 Release Date:  As leaked by some unofficial sources, the Worldwide Developers Conference will preview the upcoming version of Apple. Most probably the event will be held between June 5 and June 9. The WWDC event invites all developers around the globe. Isn’t it exciting enough to be a part of Apple, especially when you get to witness this big day? In conclusion, we can say, if at all Apple follows its tradition then the extended testing period will be followed by Apple iOS 11 Beta public release; alongside the new iPhones. Stay tuned with us for more updates about Apple iOS 11.

Showbox: The Best App for Movies and TV Shows

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Everybody love entertainment, no matter how old they are or how young, entertainment is for everyone and when it comes to movies and TV shows, Torrents were the first and the most obvious choice as it allowed us to download our desired data for free but the only catch was that it is illegal. Now that they are banned, users don’t have a choice but to go to Netflix which just entered Indian market just after the ban of the torrent websites in India. If you still want to enjoy free content then you still have an option, called Showbox. Although to use this application, you have to download the Showbox Apk first on your device.


Showbox is an application that is available only for Android users. When it comes to entertainment, Showbox makes sure that it never disappoints you, let’s see how!

  1. Huge database of all the movies and TV shows

Showbox is like torrents but what they have done is that they have made an application through which you can search and download the media easily. This means you don’t have to use any third party applications like uTorrent app or something like that.

  1. Download or Stream

This is another plus of the Showbox application. At this point we would compare Showbox with Torrents but we don’t have Torrents so Showbox kind of have its monopoly in the market. Unlike Torrents, Showbox let you stream your favorite TV show or movie which means you don’t have to worry about your storage anymore.

  1. Quality

One major flaw of torrent was that it was never safe and it also never assured any quality. Well, Showbox not only keeps you safe from the hackers but it also lets you to choose your desired quality. You can choose between 240p, 480p or 720p HD files. Sadly, there is no 1080p full HD option.

  1. Registration free

You would think that the application that works exactly like Netflix would charge us but the most amazing part is that they won’t even tell you to enter your Email id or to make an account. You just need to download the application and that is it, you are free to go!

  1. Latest content

If you are the person who want to be updated about the latest movies and TV shows then you must download the Showbox app now as it gets the latest movie releases faster than the torrent websites given the quality you get in the Showbox app.

People thing that Torrents are over but what they don’t know that Applications like Showbox have stayed in the market for years now and with them, you can never get busted as they are safe to use!

fifa 17 preorders

How to Pre-Order FIFA 17 from Amazon on Discounted Price

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FIFA series is developed by EA Sports sand its first edition released in 1993. Since its release in 1993, It had become the top selling video game across the world with more than 100 million copies sold till 2012. FIFA had maintained a good track on changing the game every year and updating it with new technologies, leagues, stadiums, players, and teams. FIFA releases a new edition of its game on late September every year. This year FIFA 17 is going to be released on 23rd September with many significant changes.

fifa 17 preorders

Many may think that since they have FIFA 16 already they no need to purchase FIFA 17 since there won’t be many changes in a year. I bet you that you are going to be 100 percent wrong, this year FIFA is coming with many significant upgrades, overhauls and additions of new features to its series. FIFA is adding a story mode called The Journey which is the first of its kind in last 25 years of its history. This itself is enough to buy FIFA 17. Other than this the game is going to be more realistic than ever, new attacking techniques, new leagues, stadiums and teams and set pieces rewrite.

With the release is approaching near and pre-orders are already rolling out users need to register for it to get hold of FIFA 17 as fast as possible. Amazon is one major online store we need to look over to Pre-Order the latest games.

We should not only be quick to get hold of the game, but we also need to act frugally. Saving a few bucks is a crucial thing in our life. Here I am going to show you a few options to get a good discount on FIFA 17.

Pre-Order FIFA 17 from Amazon on Discounted Price

Amazon provides a whopping 20% discount on all its latest game release for those who are having a Prime subscription. This is the best discount that you can find for a pre-order of FIFA 17. All you need is a Prime subscription.

What if you do not have a prime subscription, everyone can get a one-month free trial of Prime subscription for every new user. Take the free subscription order the game.

With the prime subscription, there are many other uses like watch movies and TV shows, unlimited music streaming and eBooks and also one day or two-day delivery. If you like the Prime subscription, you can also continue to use it.

Other Discounts:

FIFA 17 Loyalty Offer:If you have a FIFA 16 edition with you then you can find an option on the bottom right corner of the home screen. Just click it and continue to pre-order with 10% discount on the FIFA 17 edition

EA or Origin Membership Discount:Both Xbox and PC users can get a 10% discount on the latest FIFA 17 pre-order if you have a membership account on EA or Origin respectively. you have to buy a good gaming keyboard for this game to play on your PC.

If you are not such a great fan of FIFA series, then it is best to wait till the Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas season when you will be getting good discounts on games.