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Advantages and Disadvantages of SHAREit app

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SHAREit App?

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In the age of speed, the most important factor is keeping the pace with everything. Now with the invention of smartphones, the world has become smarter too, and with the apps, our lives have become buttery like never before. In such a time the importance of apps like SHAREit is just apt to share files, folders, and videos faster than ever. This application is an incredible creation for almost all the devices. It allows the users to share or transfer important files, documents, music, Videos, pictures, messages as well as a whole movie from one device to another and the process is completed in seconds by SHAREit for windows.

But don’t just trust our words and go through the advantages of this app to figure it out yourselves.

Pros and Cons of SHAREit app

Advantages of SHAREit App

  • There is no need to use USB or any technical wire to transfer data.
  • It works faster than Bluetooth, and it can share multiple files at one time unlike Bluetooth and is 200 times better in speed as compared to Bluetooth.
  • This app has a blue and white background that is soothing to your eyes.
  • This app is simple to use and too easy to transfer documents.
  • It works on a variety of mobile OS and Windows PC.
  • The best part is you can control your PC by your mobile just by getting SHAREit.
  • The process of replication is also available for emergency situations.
  • It does not need any network connection.
  • It is also comfortable on the cross platform to exchange data, like mobile OS, Windows PC devices. Users can exchange data with these devices freely.
  • The user can replicate your contacts, photos, and videos to another phone for any emergency.

But SHAREit app is not all about the benefits. There are some serious setbacks too. Let’s discuss them.

Disadvantages of SHAREit App

  • As it performs many tasks is a little difficult to understand its use for the first timers.
  • To transfer the second file, users have to reopen the connection which takes some time.
  • The major setback is, this app is quite spacious, and thus uses a lot of memory of users’ phone.

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SHAREit does not need any more explanations. As per the users review, it is now one of the best data transferring app. It is really fast and is accessible on all devices. We highly recommend all the first timers to download SHAREit and try this one!

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Tubemate apk

TubeMate Video Downloader is One App which Provides Best Video Downloading Services

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Generations after generations have faced the problem of downloading videos from the internet. But thanks to the latest technology! The reason is, we can now get hold of video downloaders very easily. With the arrival of YouTube, several video streaming services have made its way in the infotainment world. And unsurprisingly the popularity of video downloading apps reached the summit. But this doesn’t give a closure to the complications that one might face while downloading videos via an app, of which, the most suffered problem is crashing of a file. The solution to all video downloading problems is the TubeMate video downloader app. The app comes with all engaging videos. Not only that, it even has the ability to offer HD quality videos. Now the question arises, how to download TubeMate for your Windows device? Keep reading on.

Tubemate Video Downloader

Tubemate Video Downloader

How to Download TubeMate Video Downloader App?

The TubeMate video downloader is not certified on Google Play Store. That being said, you can get hold of the .apk file from a trusted source. To know more about this method, read the steps mentioned right below.

As of Windows users, you need to know that this Android-based app can only be downloaded for Windows platform if you get hold of a powerful and reliable Android emulator. There have been multiple emulators available in the market. But as per our suggestion, we will ask you to go for the Nox App Player Android emulator.

STEP 1: Download Nox App Player and install it for Windows.

STEP 2: Download TubeMate .apk file and store it in a convenient place on your Windows PC or laptop.

STEP 3: Visit the emulator and on the right side, find the toolbox saying ‘Add Apk’.

STEP 4: You will get directed to a page where select ‘I Know’. This will take you to the folder where TubeMate .apk file is downloaded.

STEP 5: It will initiate the installation of TubeMate. After the procedure is completed, explore the app by downloading the intriguing videos that are offered.

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Wrap Up

Hopefully, our guide to download TubeMate video downloader app was effective enough. While this is not a certified application, we would expect you not to use the app illegally. For Android users, here’s a good news. You can even download this on your device. For more information on this, you may keep an eye on our site. The reason is simple as we will get back to you with more guides on TubeMate in the near future. You can even help your friends and let them know the steps to download this fantastic downloader by sharing our guide with them.

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CinemaBox apk download

Download CinemaBox Apk via 5 Simple Steps

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As we already know, CinemaBox Apk is not available in the official sources. So users need to download CinemaBox Apk from a trusted source to get hold of the wonderful services offered by the app. The CinemaBox Apk comes loaded with excellent features, out of which, one of the most fascinating being the vast database of all recent and cult movies. Not only movies, CinemaBox also comes with a wide range of TV series.

What is the Latest Version of the App offered after you Download CinemaBox Apk?

To download CinemaBox Apk for Android, you need to get hold of the latest version of CinemaBox offered by developers. Here, we have vividly given all detailed information on the most recent version of the application which is more beneficial than the previous versions of CinemaBox Apk.

  • Name of the Version: 2.1.0
  • Type of File: Free
  • Service: Stream and download movies, TV series as well as anime shows.
  • Size of the File: 60.41 MB
  • Last Updated: 10th October 2016
  • Minimum Android Compatibility: Android 4.0.3
  • Optimum Android Compatibility: Android 6.0
CinemaBox apk Download

Download CinemaBox apk

What Minimum System Requirement you Need on Android Device to Download CinemaBox Apk?

For CinemaBox Apk, your device must run minimum Android 4.0.3 operating system. As per optimum compatibility, the device must run Android 6.0 operating system. Mentioned below are the steps to download CinamaBox Apk, get hold of them. But before that, let us once again remind you that CinemaBox Apk is not a certified app on Google Play Store, therefore, these steps will give you an effective solution.

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What are the 5 Simplest Steps to Download CinemaBox Apk?

STEP 1: Head towards Settings > go to Security > visit Unknown Sources > Enable it in order to allow the third-party apps to get installed on your device

STEP 2: Download CinemaBox .apk file from a trusted source.

STEP 3: Visit File Manager, search for CinemaBox .apk file.

STEP 4: Click on the .apk file and grant all permissions. Initiate the installation process.

STEP 5: After it gets installed, the app logo will be visible on your homescree. You can use the app accordingly.

Wrap Up

To download CinemaBox Apk, this aforementioned guide will let you proceed easily via the process. Now, if you face any trouble while installing the application, you may let us know via the comments below. You may also wait for more guides related to CinemaBox which we intend to bring in a couple of days.

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Vidmate for Windows

How to Download Vidmate for PC: Follow the Guide Carefully

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Vidmate is a great app that is made for particularly for the Indian audiences, which have kept in mind the taste and demands of the Indian entertainment app users. This app is perfect to watch the live channels, movies, and television shows too. This app is available on Android, iOS devices and now to our utter surprise, this will be available for PCs too. Here in this article, we will talk about how to get Vidmate for PC.

Vidmate App Features

Here are some of the extraordinary features of this app that will surely attract you to Vidmate.

  • A free app.
  • Supports HD quality.
  • Supports many formats like mp4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FIV, 3 GP etc.
  • Supports both streaming and downloading.
  • Download multiple files simultaneously, like more than one video file, or music file a time.
  • Regional language songs and movies are available.
  • There are options to pause, resume and break the downloading pattern.
  • Offering 130+ Live TV channels.
  • Vidmate download and installation process is really easy
Vidmate for Windows

Download Vidmate for PC

How to Download Vidmate for PC

The downloading process of Vidmate for PC is quite easy, and by following the provided process, you can get the app in just a few minutes, on your PC.

  1. First get the NOX App player by downloading it from the official website.
  2. Now, download the Vidmate .apk file from the internet and install it.
  3. After the installation, open the NOX player and you can find ‘ADD APK’ in the right-hand side corner of the toolbox.
  4. Next select ‘Don’t show again’ and click on ‘I know.’
  5. Now you have to choose the APK from the downloaded location as on which you have been saved it.
  6. Then NOX will automatically install the app.
  7. Now open it, and you will be asked if you want to change your location from ‘Worldwide’ to any particular location. Initially, choose the later option.
  8. Finally, you are ready to use the Vidmate app. enjoy live TV, videos, movies, and songs of your choice.

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Vidmate is truly a desi app that takes good care of its users, and you will never be disappointed while using it. Getting Vidmate for PC is an added advantage, as the movies and tele series will be seen on bigger screen and the space to download movies and shows will be increased. So don’t waste time and get Vidmate for PC today.

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Download Snaptube for PC

How to Download SnapTube for PC: Get the Process of Installation Here!

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If watching different videos is part of your entertainment then SnapTube can be your perfect friend that can fetch various types of videos and movies and even songs for you within seconds. We know you are aware of the app YouTube, and it is world’s most viewed video too. But SnapTube can be a great competitor of it, this app has a great collection, and you can stream and even download here, which YouTube does not provide. Now here in this article get to know about SnapTube for PC, which is an Android app, now can be downloaded for PCs too.

SnapTube Features

Before getting the app for your device, let’s know the app SnapTube better. So, here we discuss some of the best features of this app that will help you to decide whether this app is perfect for you or not.

Snaptube download for PC

Download Snaptube for PC

  • Download unlimited videos really fast
  • Snaptube is completely ad-free.
  • Let you download and also watch an unlimited number of videos from a lot of sources
  • user-friendly and also quite easy to navigate
  • convert some of the YouTube videos into MP3 files as well.
  • Can be easily downloaded in different resolutions that range from 144p to even 1080p.
  • Pause, cancel or even resume the videos without struggling.

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How to Download SnapTube for PC

The process of getting the app SnapTube for Windows PC is not difficult, and you have to follow the simple steps, and the app will be there on your device in few seconds. SnapTube is not available on Google App Store, and thus we need the .apk file and an Android emulator too to get it for PC.

  1. First, download any one of the trusted Koplayer, or you may download BlueStacks App Player.
  2. Now download SnapTube APK from any third party site.
  3. Then go to the ‘download folder’ where the SnapTube APK has been downloaded.
  4. Next right click on file and open it using Koplayer.
  5. Finally, install it on your Windows PC or laptop. Now your SnapTube is ready; you can now open it and download the videos and songs of your choice.


This is a great option for those who love to enjoy their movies and videos on the bigger screen. We can guarantee your decision to download SnapTube for PC will not be proven wrong. So download it and share your experience with us!

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Mobdro for PC

Mobdro for Windows 10: Unfold the Secrets behind Installation

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Are you tired of buffering videos? Are you pissed off using YouTube or those contemporary video streaming sites? Before you sit back and read this, just ask yourself one thing. Does your streaming site give you the best watching experience without the inclusion of any pesky ads? Does your app offer advanced search allowing you to filter your search by different languages? No? Well, then try Mobdro for Windows 10.

Mobdro for Windows 10: The Under-the-Wraps Features

The solution of all these aforementioned problems come in a single package, and that is none other than the Mobdro app. The app comes with delightful features. All thanks to the developers and of course the gracious technological development. What excites fans the most is its sleep timer feature. Most of the times we have seen people telling about how they fell asleep in the middle of a GOT episode. For all those fans, Mobdro has come up with this particular feature.

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Mobdro for Windows 10: Why You Need to?

There’s no doubt on how a smartphone happens to be an integral part of our lives. Developers of Mobdro too designed the app such that it doesn’t make a hell out of difference while downloading Mobdro Apk (well, as you know the app is not officially available in the Google Play Store!). While entirely the bigger part of the world depends on the smartphone usage, there are people who aren’t that much into the smartphone-centric universe. For them, PC or laptop is the habit. For them, Mobdro for Windows 10 is a must.

Mobdro for Windows

Download Mobdro for PC

Mobdro for Windows 10: How To Download The App?

Folks, in some of our previous guide we have disclosed that Mobdro app is designed exclusively for Android users. Therefore to download it on Windows PC, you need to get hold of an Android emulator. Read the steps mentioned below and go for the app. But make sure you are using the latest version of Windows

  • 1# Download and install the Nox App Player Android emulator on your Windows 10 device.
  • 2# Consult a trusted source and download Mobdro Apk on your Windows 10. Store it carefully.
  • 3# Visit ‘toolbar’.
  • 4# Click the option that you will come across which says “Add Apk”.
  • 5# After you see the dialogue box opening click on “I Know”.
  • 6# Add Mobdro Apk file to Nox App Player.
  • 7# Initiate the installation process. After the installation gets completed, reboot your Windows 10 device.

Wrap Up

Thus, we have given you the necessary information concerning Mobdro for Windows 10. Now you may ask questions and have queries. If any, then let us know by contacting us. We have some of the experts in this field who can guide you through technical difficulties.

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Playbox for Android

PlayBox for Android: How to Download the app on Your Android Device

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These days life is too busy to get relaxed or to get entertained. But even in the busiest hour, we have our phone with us, and thus we have made it our every source of entertainment. Life becomes easier when we can chat or connect ourselves to the social media over the phone. Now it has gone one step ahead, and there are a number of apps which are just perfect to get you entertainment through movies and shows and videos. Such entertainment apps are just too popular now, and PlayBox HD is one of the most downloaded among them. PlayBox for Android devices are available, and in this article, we will discuss how to get the app on our Android phone.

Why you Need PlayBox for Android

If you get to know the features of PlayBox, then you will be able to understand why this app can be perfect for you.

  • It’s a free app
  • No subscription or hidden cost
  • Latest movies and television shows
  • Great library
  • Trending news of entertainment.
  • Streaming and downloading option.
  • Various resolution to choose from, including HD
  • Offline mode etc
Playbox for Android

Download Playbox for Android

How to Download PlayBox for Android

Here is the simple process of downloading PlayBox for Android. But here we have to keep in mind that this app is not available in Google Play Store and to get it we have to get the .apk exe file of PlayBox. But don’t get afraid, as it is the simplest process possible. So let’s start with it:

  1. First, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’ > Turn on ‘Unknown sources’
  2. Then open your browser and search to download the PlayBox apk file from a trusted source
  3. After that, the file will be done downloading, so open it and press the install button.
  4. Now open the app Play Box, and here you will be prompted with a “Once more we are sorry any inconvenience. Please update the latest app” message. Simply press Cancel option.
  5. Finally, the app PlayBox will be installed on your Android device.

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If you are using an Android phone and get hardly any time to watch a movie or a television show, then PlayBox is your solution. Download PlayBox for Android device of yours and enjoy latest HD movies and television shows absolutely free!

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Download Cartoon HD Apk

Cartoon HD Apk Download For Android: How to Download The App

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When the discussion of entertainment apps comes to Cartoon HD comes is a handy app that, you can use to watch your favorite shows online at no extra charge. But as this app is not available in Google Play Store, we need the .apk file to get it for our Android devices. Thus we have decided to offer you a tutorial on Cartoon HD Apk download for Android devices.

Cartoon HD App Features

Here are some of the interesting features of this amazing app that will surely make you interested in downloading it.

  • Unlimited fun with lots of shows and the films and of course cartoons.
  • This app is free of charge, and it is the first thing that will attract you.
  • You can make the selection of quality of picture that you want to see and it applies for the downloading too.
  • Updates almost every now and then and thus you can hardly miss any of them.
  • Full movies are available.
  • It has a simple and interesting interface.
Download Cartoon HD apk

Download Cartoon HD apk

Not in Google Play Store

Cartoon HD can be gotten only by its Apk file since it is not in the Google Play store. So, the users who want to get this astonishing app, can fetch the Apk file of Cartoon HD app and get it easily installed on their Smartphones. The process is called ‘side-loading, ’ and it basically means to manually install the app. So here we go with the process.

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Download Cartoon HD Apk for Android: the Process in Detail

The process is simple, and you just need to follow some easy steps, and it will be done in few minutes. So here we start:

  • On your device, enter the Settings app, and then enter Security. Find “Unknown Sources,” and check it to enable. This will allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Now, open the link provided above on your device’s browser and download Cartoon HD apk.
  • After the successful downloading, open the file and install Cartoon HD manually.
  • Restart your device and start taking full advantage of Cartoon HD’s services.

Wrap up

Cartoon HD is one of the most well-known streaming and downloading the app that will be perfect for your daily entertainment as it provides almost all kinds from cartoons, to movies and television series. So without wasting any further time just download it and we believe the article on Cartoon HD Apk download for Android users will benefit every Android user.

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Download Youtv player for Android

A Quick Guide to Download You TV Player for Android

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These days the infotainment apps come free such that users don’t hesitate while thinking of accessing the apps. Several streaming apps match up to the expectation of delivering excellent features to their age-old customers. While You TV Player app happens to be one of the magnificent apps provided in the recent days, other streaming services appear to be the old school. The plan here is to offer you the method to download You TV Player for Android in a simpler way.

Download You TV Android for Android: Follow the Guide

For the post-users, here’s something that you need to note.  You TV Player for Android devices comes absolutely free of cost. Even, you get the chance to visit the entertainment world with an improvised and user-friendly interface. The guide here will provide you the method to download the app on your Android handsets. Get going with the flow and read the steps carefully.

Download Youtv player for Android

Download Youtv player for android

Sure, the app is not introduced to the official sources like Google Play Store or iTunes, so you need to follow the Apk file in order to enjoy the services. Process wise, the guide is mentioned below which will need you to work on some important parts.

STEP 1: You must visit Settings at first on your Android smartphone. After that, tap on the Security option following to enter the menu. This is an essential step as you need to download and install the Apk following this initial step which needs you to enable the Unknown Sources, meaning, you have to grant all permissions from your smartphone/tablet in order to install the unauthorized app without any problem.

Note to follow this- Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

STEP 2: Now, download the You TV Player Apk latest version such that all sorts of glitches can technically be avoided.

STEP 3: After that, you are required to open File Manager and locate the You TV Player Apk from where you have saved it.

STEP 4: Grant all permissions by clicking on the You TV Player Apk.

STEP 5: Hold your horses and wait for a few minutes as the entire installation process would take some time to complete.

STEP 6: Restart your Android device and start using You TV Player on your smartphones/tablets.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we hope our guide to download You TV Player for Android was convenient for you. If you have any queries or you need to ask any question regarding the downloading process or the Apk, do reach us through the comments section below.


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Freedom app features

No Need of In-App Purchases if You Get the Freedom App

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In this era of mobile phones and all the other premium devices, we cannot mull of living without those great gadgets today. And talking about cell phones, we actually get to do innumerable things with our Smartphones, and some of the activities actually help us in getting refreshed to a great extent. And one of those activities is playing several games on mobile phones which definitely are a great and awesome option of getting out of the boredom; it’s an addiction also.

But sometimes playing something on your respected mobile phone might be a little annoying and that only happens because of the irritating advertisements which keep popping or emerging. Suppose you are at an intense level where you are playing the game with utmost concentration, but it totally breaks when some ad suddenly and out of actually nowhere comes on the way. Your concentration is totally destroyed as you remain perplexed and try to get the ad away from the screen but at the end while tapping on the cross which is displayed on the advertisement, by mistake you actually end up tapping on the advertisement instead. So it redirects you to the ad, and then again you try it from the scratch to get back to your game.

You might even start playing it again, but the concentration which was applied earlier does not actually remain the same anymore. But people who already have the Freedom application of their Smartphones do not need to panic because of such woes at all. It has not been many years for the application which is named as Freedom to get developed, but within the span, it has gained acknowledgment and has got reviewed well by the users. It helps in discarding all the annoying and excess advertisements which emerge while someone plays something on the mobile phone.

Freedom app features

However, you all should be aware in in-app purchases also if you play games on your Smartphones. These generally mean that when someone heads to a certain level of a particular game or even trying to cross the level gets interrupted with a pop-up which would ask them to buy some coins which would help them to remain stable in the game. And if the character in the particular game is about to die as it runs out of a lot of energy, then also that pop up comes on one’s way and may ask to purchase the energy boosters. And for that, the player will obviously have to pay from their very own pocket which obviously half of the people won’t end up doing.

But the Freedom application will remove the need of in-app purchasing and is said to help those users to get those coins and energy boosters just for free. So, no money would be actually required to pay to buy the coins or energy boosters to reach the next level in the particular game.

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And if you actually haven’t installed Freedom then you definitely should not waste a minute so go ahead and download Freedom right away.