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disable imessage

Simple steps to disable iMessage on iPhone

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The instant messaging service iMessage by Apple is an alternative to standard SMS for free to all Apple devices and it is also possible to install iMessage for Widows. The application launched in 2011 with iOS 5 update. With iMessage users can send text, videos, documents, photos to any other Apple devices that uses iMessage and it uses internet to send data unlike SMS/MMS service. iMessage is available free for all, and it had become so popular that in less than a year most of the people in America had stopped using traditional SMS/MMS services which are having limitations and chargeable. iMessage is totally free and more powerful than any other messaging service. Users can do a lot more than just texting with iMessages.

disable imessage

In the earlier versions of iMessage it’s hard to disable iMessage in your iPhone or iPad but now the developers at Apple have made the process very simple to disable iMessage.

I am going to disable iMessage in three ways one with thedevice, second without device but having sim card linked to iMessage and finally thethird one with Apple ID and password. Here are the steps to disable iMessage on any Apple device.

1) Go to settings icon and tap it (it will be present in the home menu)

2) Tap on Messages tab in the settings.

3) Now the first option will be iMessage right to it if it shows Green color then you iMessage is active, tap on the green color and it changes to white which indicates iMessage is disabled.

Steps to disable iMessage remotely without your device. For this you will will need the sim card with which iMessage is linked. This is an even simple method to disable iMessage but using this will disable iMessage on all the devices.

1) Go to this web address

2) Enter the mobile number and wait for the confirmation code.

3) Enter the confirmation code and click submit, that’s it iMessage in all the devices linked to the sim card will be deregistered.

In this process you will need Apple ID with which the device is connected and its password. This process is thebest way you have if your device is lost or stolen. You can select any device linked to your Apple ID and disable only in that particular device. This process is more flexible to use than the second option where iMessage will be disabledon all devices.

1) Login to with the Apple ID and Password.

2) Select the device you what the iMessage to be disabled and click “Unregister” button.

3) Now iMessage will be disabled in the device.

These are the three ways in which you can disable iMessage for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.Mostly they will not be any reason for anyone to turn off the iMessage due it’s less data usage and users can disable data services if he or shedo not have an active internet pack.

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What is Google Gravity and How to Use it?

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What is Google gravity? Google gravity is a search engine trick which was programmed by Google in the year 2009. It is based using Java script. However, the original method to activate the gravity might not work because several changes which have been done on the Google search page which offers you with automatic results.

If you can, Google gravity can be accessed through a special link. It is interesting, it is free, and there is nothing stopping you from using it. It was designed and created by accident. The project was initiated by and the idea was to make the web pages behave differently. It would seem as if they are being affected by a gravitational pull, hence the name gravity.


Google Gravity Via

Literally all the web pages would be falling down. You can try it out. All you need to do is go to, click on settings and uncheck the Google instant option. That is because when you are using this method use of a browser that does not come with Google instant results. Once you have done that, you will then want to search for Google gravity in the search bar.

Click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and you are redirected to the Google Gravity page. When you put your mouse on the web page, all the objects will start to fall. You can also try and search for something and then press enter. Sign into your Google account and then type into your address bar.

With the “Google Instant Predictions” you will want to select the option to “Never Show Instant Results.” Enter “” into the address bar and then type “Google Gravity” into the search query bar. This usually lasts for a minute or so. Those of you who are really bored of working on Google search can try it out and have some fun for some time.

Hello, Nessy

This is considered as of the most interesting tricks using this software. Those of you who work late night or are up at 3am might want to click your home page only to find a in your iGoogle theme, is the Lochness Monster. If you have installed the iGoogle beach theme then you are bound to get the shock of your life.

This is one of the best tricks, but unfortunately it was retired in November 2013.

Pointers to know

You will want to know that Google Gravity will not work on AOSP browsers. These browsers are commonly used on several tablets and smart phones. However, it can work on Firefox used on Android devices and third party browsers. Unless, you have top end android phone or tablets, you might not be able to perform tricks using this software.

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How to Install Kik on PC: Easiest Guide Ever

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Kik becomes one of the most installed online over the top messaging app in recent years. Number of users all over the world has crossed 15 millions. You may get an idea how much popular it is. Don’t just go with the numbers, go with the features also. Almost every cutting edge technology is blended in this awesome app.


Do you know one thing? This app can be run on PC also!


Yes, it is. People around the world have found out the process to get this Android app on PC. Two marvelous Android emulators have rescued all the Kik users from getting bored of this app and their smartphone too.

But why do you use Kik for PC?

There are several reasons behind why people prefer using Kik messenger on their Windows PC.

First of all it’s very tough to manage PC and smartphone while working on PC. Probably that’s why WhatsApp launched their web version, so that people don’t have to unlock their smartphone every time any message is received. Having a web version beside on another tab is very helpful. We often find this option fabulous!

Now, let’s have a quick look on the features it has-

  • Without sharing your number you can add friends. Email or user’s name is used here to get registered. This way you can protect your identity and personal phone number from being exposed to others.
  • Voice and video notes are the two attractive features that bind numerous users around this app.
  • There is a single tap option for sharing what you feel, on every social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Instant notifications for ‘read’, ‘sent’ and ‘delivered’ any message.
  • It’s safe and secure and never asks for any kind of payment. It’s totally free.

I think, you are convinced enough to get this app on your PC as of now! J

Let’s move straight to the step by step process of getting Kik for PC without hassle.

  • Download any Android Emulator; you can opt for any out of Bluestacks and Andy. It helps in molding the app in PC’s operating system. It does not matter which OS you PC is running on. These emulators work on every Windows operating system- XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 also!
  • Now, launch installation of the emulator and wait a few minutes to get it installed properly on your PC. Once it is finished, run the program. There is no other special thing to do.
  • Now it’s time to log into “Google Play store” using Google ID. Then search “Kik Messenger” in the “search” option.
  • Once it is displayed, click right on the “install” option. Then a little wait for getting it completely installed on your PC.
  • After a few minutes it will be installed properly and you can now create the account in Kik messenger. Now create account first and start adding your buddies into your network one by one using their username or registered mail address. Once these are done….BOOOOOOMMMM….

You have got famous Kik for PC! Now enjoy.