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Changing Trend of Black Friday Shopping in the US and its Future

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Over the years, Black Friday has always been considered one of the most important single shopping day in the US. However, the event usually continues for four days, starting with Thanksgiving Day and ending with Cyber Monday. Recent records about the sales pattern of US retailers show a gradual increase in spending since the recession. Records also show that people have become more inclined to online shopping on Black Friday since the last few years, the most significant being 2016, when more than half of the buyers purchased goods and commodities online.

This indicates that the shopping pattern of the users is fast changing and due to number advantages, people have become more inclined to online shopping. This however does not mean that offline retail stores have lost its significance. Spending at retail stores is still significantly higher than that online but it has to be taken into consideration that the ways people shop are changing and the offline retailers should understand this fact to improve sales in the future.

How Customers Find the Latest Deals These Days

Advertising circulars on news papers, posters on walls and hoardings are still the most significant mediums by which people find the latest deals. However due to the growing trend of people shopping online, it would be wise for the offline retailers to take their advertising campaign online to catch the eye of the customers more. Reports show that around 35% of consumers learned about the latest deals from direct email advertising campaigns, while 50% of the people found out about the latest deals through online searches and retailer websites.

Longer Sale Period Means Lower Sales per Day

Black Friday is known for its staggering sales, all thanks to the massive discount offers and other benefits to the consumers. But things have changed now since the last few years as the duration of the Black Friday sale offers have been extended. Also most of the online retailers provide value for money deals for nearly the entire year, leading to lower sales in offline stores during the Black Friday weekend. Also to avoid the long ques and waiting time on the streets, people have started to prefer online shopping more these days.

The Future of Black Friday Shopping in the US

Online sales will continue to grow in the future and it may start to rule the roost in the new few years. However, a unique shopping experience with great deals and offering spread over the entire year instead of just Black Friday will surely help the offline retailers to continue with their businesses.

What is Google Gravity and How to Use it?

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What is Google gravity? Google gravity is a search engine trick which was programmed by Google in the year 2009. It is based using Java script. However, the original method to activate the gravity might not work because several changes which have been done on the Google search page which offers you with automatic results.

If you can, Google gravity can be accessed through a special link. It is interesting, it is free, and there is nothing stopping you from using it. It was designed and created by accident. The project was initiated by and the idea was to make the web pages behave differently. It would seem as if they are being affected by a gravitational pull, hence the name gravity.


Google Gravity Via

Literally all the web pages would be falling down. You can try it out. All you need to do is go to, click on settings and uncheck the Google instant option. That is because when you are using this method use of a browser that does not come with Google instant results. Once you have done that, you will then want to search for Google gravity in the search bar.

Click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and you are redirected to the Google Gravity page. When you put your mouse on the web page, all the objects will start to fall. You can also try and search for something and then press enter. Sign into your Google account and then type into your address bar.

With the “Google Instant Predictions” you will want to select the option to “Never Show Instant Results.” Enter “” into the address bar and then type “Google Gravity” into the search query bar. This usually lasts for a minute or so. Those of you who are really bored of working on Google search can try it out and have some fun for some time.

Hello, Nessy

This is considered as of the most interesting tricks using this software. Those of you who work late night or are up at 3am might want to click your home page only to find a in your iGoogle theme, is the Lochness Monster. If you have installed the iGoogle beach theme then you are bound to get the shock of your life.

This is one of the best tricks, but unfortunately it was retired in November 2013.

Pointers to know

You will want to know that Google Gravity will not work on AOSP browsers. These browsers are commonly used on several tablets and smart phones. However, it can work on Firefox used on Android devices and third party browsers. Unless, you have top end android phone or tablets, you might not be able to perform tricks using this software.