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Top 5 Best Camera Drones Worth Your Money!

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Drones are making headlines today for being one of the most sophisticated flying machines that can help you capture special moments and professional events like none other. Whether you are a hobbyists looking for a camera drone to satisfy your desire to shoot aerial photographs and videos or a serious film maker seeking high end UAVs, there are several types of camera drones available in the market. In this article we have listed the top 5 best camera drones in India.

#5 Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

The X-Star Premium drones by Autel Robotics are gaining popularity for their top-notch features and robust build. They come equipped with 4K ready camera that can be easily mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization. It features a Starpoint Positioning System and SecureFly magnetic interference protection system that enable the drone to provide high quality aerial photography

#4. Yuneec Typhoon H

If you must have a camera drone that features a collision avoidance system, but is affordable too then Yuneec Typhoon H fits the bill perfectly. The drone comes with a 4K stabilized camera, a 7-inch powered by Android powered touchscreen and intuitive controls. The 8 smart flight modes and GPS navigation enable you to take high quality photographs and videos.

#3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This was the first ever camera drone that features the obstacle avoidance system. It is a great flying machine for those wanting an autonomous experience. The advanced features include ActiveTrack tracking system, intuitive flight system and an amazing flight range technology. When fully charged, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro gives 28 minutes of flight time.

#2. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot’s range of drones is popular for their amazing design and top notch features. The Bebop 2 is among the second generation of the lineup offered by the brand. The camera drone is lightweight and sleek and it comes equipped with a high definition camera featuring 14mpx sensor. The camera can be easily mounted on an inbuilt 3-axis gimbal stabilizator. This helps in delivering high quality stable photos and videos. It also comes with a 2700mAh battery that can last for nearly 25 minutes.

#1. DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro boasts an unbeatable quality and it is by far the best quality camera drone available in the market. The easily foldable propellers, miniature size and powerful hardware ensure that you can carry the drone anywhere with you. It is so lightweight and small when folded that you can conveniently carry the drone in your pocket. It also lasts for really long. While its competitors fizzle out after 15 to 20 minutes of flight time, the DJI Mavic Pro lasts for as long as 30 minutes when fully charged.

Although flying these unmanned aerial vehicles are a lot of fun, we strongly advise you to not fly them at public places like parks as it is against the law. You should also not fly the drones close to the airport. To be safe, take the best camera drone to a place that is far away from people and fly as much you want!

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Unique New Year Party Games Ideas

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New Year is all about parties and get together. But parties are incomplete without games or other funny activities. Here are some suggestions of party games ideas for Happy New Year 2017.

Ribbon Dance

This is also a funny game. To play this game you have to cut ribbons into 3 feet length. You hold a bunch of ribbon on your hand. Both edge of this bundle will be open. Ask the guest to select their favourite ribbon from both sides. After that check who select which colour ribbon. Make them the dance partner. By using these you will create some funny pairs and memorable new year images.

True and False

To play this game you need a game sheet and writing utensils. When the games start cut the paper into small pieces. State a sentence about something. The players have to select either true or false on this statement. Check the votes by counting the paper. Then give the winning person a gift. This will light the party environment.

Fun photos

This is also a crazy and funny game for all ages. Take snap of every guest on your digital camera. Tell them there is game of funny faces and who win the game will rewarded by prize. Then take all the pictures on your laptop and use the funny face app to make them funny. At the end of the party gather all the guests and show them the results. In which pictures people laugh the most he/she will be the winner of this game.

Cotton Ball Blitz

For this game you only need some cotton balls, two bowls for each player and vaseline. For playing put two bowls in front of each player on the ground. One bowl is filled with cotton balls and the other is empty. Tell players to put some of Vaseline on their nose and then the games begin. Rule of this game is you should move the balls from one to another using the nose. This is really a funny game.

Necklaces made of yarn

If you want to add some creative touch game on your party then arrange this game. Ask to make yarn necklaces as much as they can. Who makes the maximum necklace will win the game. This game can be played during the whole party time.

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Popular Christmas Cookies or Christmas Biscuits

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Knock! Knock! Hey, Santa is knocking the door!! Did you hear that?? Its Merry Christmas time friends! This is the time for cake, cookies, dry fruits and many more things. There is almost no one who does not love cookies. Christmas cookie or biscuit is as famous as Christmas cake. Many people have eagerly waited for the Christmas cookies as the flavours and taste of this cookies are different from other market free cookies. The reason behind the feeling based on the tradition and performance of old family or people. Some renowned families make cookies or biscuit only on Christmas Day.


The cookie is a flat, small, baked kind of biscuit which tastes sweet. It contains flour, eggs, sugar, butter, dry fruits like raisins, nuts and some other stuff like oats, chocolate chips and cinnamon. The taste of original cookie is heavenly. The firm smell of butter and nut will introduced you with the authentic cookies. In some countries, crisp cookies are called a biscuit. Also check Christmas Clipart

Some Popular Christmas Cookies


It is an old and traditional German cookie. These cookies are made of egg, flour and sugar dough and flavour like anise. Springerle is embossed with design by pressing a mold on its dough. Then dry the dough with the impression for one day before baking. Springerle is most commonly seen in Christmas season.

Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are also called “Amish” sugar cookies. During holidays sugar cookies are very popular among North American popularity. The main ingredients of this sugar cookie are flour, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla and baking powder. These cookies are cut in various shapes from the spread dough.


Krumkake or krum Kaka is a centuries old traditional Christmas cookie from Norway. It is actually a waffle cookie. Krumkake is made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and cream. This cookie is also very popular in the American Midwest. It is traditionally prepared for Christmas along with other Norwegian sweets.


It is a Mexican cookie by origin. Repostería is shortbread like cookie which is lightly baked and then dipped into the mixture of cinnamon and sugar. The Repostería will not ready until the blend of sugar and cinnamon surrounds the cookie. These cookies are very famous for its flavour and often served with coffee or spicy hot Mexican chocolate.


It is the traditional cookie from Sweden. The shapes of these cookies are cut in heart shape or flower shape. This is one kind of gingerbread cookies. But it is comparatively thin and crisp from authentic gingerbread.

We can check our list of best Christmas Gifts 2016.

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facetime alternatives to linux

Facetime Alternatives to Linux — Best List

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Facetime is a Video telephony app designed and developed by Apple Inc. for its devices running on iOS and Mac OS. It is thebest app to stay in connect with your family and friends anywhere in the world, and Facetime also had a voice based version called Facetime Audio. Facetime for PC uses the internet to transfer data and can call to anyone who is having a Facetime on their device. Facetime is completely free to use theapp.

facetime alternatives to linux

Even though Facetime had many excellent features but it is only available to Apple devices which are costly and can’t be brought just to use Facetime. Many users use the open source OS Linux, and many programmers like to use this OS. There are many good alternatives to Facetime on Linux too which are also having some unique and creative features.

Facetime Alternatives to Linux

In this article, I am providing you three Facetime alternatives to Linux which are free to use and more secure.


Skype is free to use video chat and video call service where users can send text, images, documents, emoji’s, and do video call over the app. Skype is available on most of the platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linus and many other operating systems. This gives the ability to talk to talk to anyone having a Skype application without theneed of a particular device like Facetime. First released in 2003 and brought by Microsoft in 2011 for a whopping 8.5 billion dollars. Skype had a user base of more than a billion which makes it one of the most used video call application.


Pidgey started as an Instant Messaging app, first released in 1998, and now it is providing video call services. Pidgey is a free and open source application. It is an end to end encrypted service which makes it most secure platform to use without any fear of being tracked or recorded. Pidgey can also be used in Mac OS and Microsoft Windows which means users can call to anyone using Pidgey app.


Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging and video call app which is first released in 2013. Tox is one of the most secure video calling app and is available for many operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS and many other Linux-based operating systems. Tox is free to use application licensed under GNU General Public License version 3.

Video Calling had grown many folds since the speeds of the internet had increased and had replaced voice calling when we need to talk to our family and friends. There are many free services available for all the operating systems and users need their ID to make a video call. Not only for regular use many business organizations are also preferring to use these services to keep in contact with their team by creating groups.

What is your favorite video calling application and what do you like most about them? Please use our comment section below to leave a reply.

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top music application

What Are Some of the 10 Best Music Apps for Mac?

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If you like to listen to music on your Mac, then you should know some of the best music apps for listening to them. Apart from listening to music that is being played, you can with also think about recording what you come up with. In this article, we will read about some of the best music apps which are perfect for your Mac.

top music application

Here are some of the 10 best music apps for Mac.


You can consider buying a new copy of GarageBand. The music app is fun to use and comes with several features which you will find useful. Users find the ease of use and excellent visuals appealing.

GarageBand can be bought for only $14.99 from the Mac app store.


Audacity is open source audio editor which can be used on the Mac, Windows, and Linux. The audio editor is ideal for one-track editing jobs and comes with multi-track capabilities. It is perfect for making edits and fixes.


Gtuner is not up to the grades of GarageBand and Logic Pro, but definitely worth trying. It is simple, free, easy to use, coming with interface that is similar to hardware tuners. The information is provided to get you tuned up to give your best shot.


Mixxx is a free app that is perfect for those who want to become music DJs. It can be used on your iTunes library which enables you to perform live DJ mixes on the music. The app has integrated Icecast and Shoutcast broadcasting which can help you perform online.


Hydrogen is a free app that offers you with advanced drum sequencer. Though it is a Linux application, you also have a Mac version available. There is a library of samples and it can function as a sequencer. It works with samples in lossless audio formats including multi-layer support, FLAC, and 16 samples per instrument.

Finale NotePad

Finale NotePad is the ideal music app which can enable you to take care of your notation needs. You can get a song notated when it is still in your mind. It is able to support all notation programs and supports the inclusion of lyrics. It also supports guitar and bass tablature which amateur musicians are familiar with than traditional notation. It is priced at $9.95.

Reaktor 5 Player

The Native Instrument’s Reaktor 5 Player is perfect for synthesizers and sound design and comes for free. It provides a broad range of free sound when you want to make some music. It also comes with sequencer, synthesis, and effect features which allow you to tweak the sounds.

Melodyne Essential

Melodyne allows you to change the pitch and timing of your audio tracks. You can transpose the entire song, change the drum beat, make changes to melodies, and use a harmonized backing vocal using your lead vocal. You can fix minor issues with your songs and at the same time has a lot of fun.

It will cost you $99.


Reaper is priced at $150 and is a full-featured DAW designed by a company called Cockos. The music app comes with what all you require for more expensive MIDI sequencing, DAWs–64-bit audio, automation, an extensive array of plugins like compressors, EQs, pitch shifting, delays, gates, correction, reverbs, and others.

Logic Express

Logic Express has several features like Flex time, improved comping tools, speed fades, amp designer, and pedalboard. It is priced at $199.

These were some of the best music apps for Mac. Those of you want to become musicians one day, will want to make use of these apps.