GTA 6 never fails to amaze us!

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GTA 6 never fails to amaze us!

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2016 seems to be a year of all the latest launches, and Rockstar games has brought to us yet another series of its epic game, the GTA 6 likely to be launched by the end of this year. Since this is a new series to the game, the makers have tried really had to make the GTA 6 just the perfect version of this game!


  1. Compatibility

Which device is compatible with the game and whether or not you’d be able to even play it on your device is the first thing. The GTA 5 was launched for PS3 and computers, it was only later that the game was launched for the various other platforms. This time is, however, a little different in terms that the game will be launched on 4 different devices like PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE ad Xbox 360. The PC version will be launched later on and as for the rumors we have been hearing,  the game shall be lighter. GTA 5 was a huge 65 GB and the GTA 6 could be a 40 GB. we can play this game on any cheap gaming laptop.

  1. VR support

Rockstar games has brought to us a number of new things and has managed to amaze the users always. If you are now wondering what new is the company bringing in the form of the GTA 6, then let me tell you, you have a support for worldwide maps, VR headset, and well some major fun? What more do you need?

  1. A female character

We have been hearing flying rumors about the entry of a female character and well the GTA 6 will make this come true. Unlike all other times that had only a male character, a female character as the lead is one great thing to add up on the game. This could as well be a chance to get to itself a female fan following unlike the earlier major male fans.

  1. Licensed cars

GTA 5 had undoubtedly a set of some really cool look alike cars, but at the end, none of them were real. This time we are going to have some really major car manufacturers to provide to the makers, licensed cars. This lets you have the freedom to drive whichever major car you wish to. Now this brings to the players, some really real feel!

  1. Modifications

You can as well modify your cars in the game this time. GTA 6 will have you to add up whatever you want, and the kind you would want your car to be!

And that is about it! Some real amazing stuff is going to be available on GTA 6!

GTA 6 is soon going to be here!