Popular Christmas Cookies or Christmas Biscuits

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Popular Christmas Cookies or Christmas Biscuits

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Knock! Knock! Hey, Santa is knocking the door!! Did you hear that?? Its Merry Christmas time friends! This is the time for cake, cookies, dry fruits and many more things. There is almost no one who does not love cookies. Christmas cookie or biscuit is as famous as Christmas cake. Many people have eagerly waited for the Christmas cookies as the flavours and taste of this cookies are different from other market free cookies. The reason behind the feeling based on the tradition and performance of old family or people. Some renowned families make cookies or biscuit only on Christmas Day.


The cookie is a flat, small, baked kind of biscuit which tastes sweet. It contains flour, eggs, sugar, butter, dry fruits like raisins, nuts and some other stuff like oats, chocolate chips and cinnamon. The taste of original cookie is heavenly. The firm smell of butter and nut will introduced you with the authentic cookies. In some countries, crisp cookies are called a biscuit. Also check Christmas Clipart

Some Popular Christmas Cookies


It is an old and traditional German cookie. These cookies are made of egg, flour and sugar dough and flavour like anise. Springerle is embossed with design by pressing a mold on its dough. Then dry the dough with the impression for one day before baking. Springerle is most commonly seen in Christmas season.

Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are also called “Amish” sugar cookies. During holidays sugar cookies are very popular among North American popularity. The main ingredients of this sugar cookie are flour, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla and baking powder. These cookies are cut in various shapes from the spread dough.


Krumkake or krum Kaka is a centuries old traditional Christmas cookie from Norway. It is actually a waffle cookie. Krumkake is made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and cream. This cookie is also very popular in the American Midwest. It is traditionally prepared for Christmas along with other Norwegian sweets.


It is a Mexican cookie by origin. Repostería is shortbread like cookie which is lightly baked and then dipped into the mixture of cinnamon and sugar. The Repostería will not ready until the blend of sugar and cinnamon surrounds the cookie. These cookies are very famous for its flavour and often served with coffee or spicy hot Mexican chocolate.


It is the traditional cookie from Sweden. The shapes of these cookies are cut in heart shape or flower shape. This is one kind of gingerbread cookies. But it is comparatively thin and crisp from authentic gingerbread.

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