Unique New Year Party Games Ideas

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Unique New Year Party Games Ideas

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New Year is all about parties and get together. But parties are incomplete without games or other funny activities. Here are some suggestions of party games ideas for Happy New Year 2017.

Ribbon Dance

This is also a funny game. To play this game you have to cut ribbons into 3 feet length. You hold a bunch of ribbon on your hand. Both edge of this bundle will be open. Ask the guest to select their favourite ribbon from both sides. After that check who select which colour ribbon. Make them the dance partner. By using these you will create some funny pairs and memorable new year images.

True and False

To play this game you need a game sheet and writing utensils. When the games start cut the paper into small pieces. State a sentence about something. The players have to select either true or false on this statement. Check the votes by counting the paper. Then give the winning person a gift. This will light the party environment.

Fun photos

This is also a crazy and funny game for all ages. Take snap of every guest on your digital camera. Tell them there is game of funny faces and who win the game will rewarded by prize. Then take all the pictures on your laptop and use the funny face app to make them funny. At the end of the party gather all the guests and show them the results. In which pictures people laugh the most he/she will be the winner of this game.

Cotton Ball Blitz

For this game you only need some cotton balls, two bowls for each player and vaseline. For playing put two bowls in front of each player on the ground. One bowl is filled with cotton balls and the other is empty. Tell players to put some of Vaseline on their nose and then the games begin. Rule of this game is you should move the balls from one to another using the nose. This is really a funny game.

Necklaces made of yarn

If you want to add some creative touch game on your party then arrange this game. Ask to make yarn necklaces as much as they can. Who makes the maximum necklace will win the game. This game can be played during the whole party time.